Domo Data Connector

Step 2: If a Signal was previously created, select the "gear" button to show the
        details of the Signal
Step 3: Click Output
Step 4: Copy the Domo Data Connector API Key and note the Signal ID (70)
Step 5: Log into Domo
Step 6: Select APPSTORE from the Domo Header Menu
Step 7: Search "Ready Signal" in the header search tool
Step 8: Click the Ready Signal Third Party Connector
Step 9: Click GET THE DATA
Step 10: In Credentials, select Add Account, which will ask for the API KEY
Step 11: Once the API KEY is input, select CONNECT, then select a SIGNAL and NEXT
Step 12: Select desired Scheduling
Step 13: Name and Save the Dataset
Step 14: Use of Ready Signal in Domo

Please visit for more information about Domo and their data connectors.

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