AI Accelerator

Unlock the full potential of DataRobot with Ready Signal. Accelerate your workflow and seamlessly integrate external data sources to enrich your predictive models. Ready Signal: Your gateway to enhanced efficiency, expanded insights, and more accurate predictions.

AI Accelerator Overview

Leverage the unparalleled advantage of seamlessly connecting your DataRobot modeling engine to over 500 normalized, aggregated, and continuously updated external data sources. From macro-economic indicators, demographics, consumer behavior and weather patterns, our comprehensive data catalog empowers your models with the depth and breadth of information necessary for predictive modeling, experimentation, and business intelligence. 

Data Robot and Ready Signal together provide you the ability to easily integrate third-party data with your private data and then quickly determine if that external data can improve model accuracy and provide additional contexts to what is happening in your business.

Enhanced Accuracy:
Relevant external data can improve accuracy by 20%+ by capturing additional variable affecting the time series.

Adaptability to Change:
External data enables models to respond dynamically to external factors that may not be evident in the historical data alone.

Broader Context:
External data provides a broader context for understanding the external market dynamics that influence or impact your organization.

Stakeholder Confidence
Instill confidence that forecasts are grounded in a thorough understanding of the external landscape.

Dive into the world of data enrichment and unleash the full potential of Ready Signal within DataRobot. Explore our Model enrichment for yourself with our DataRobot_RXA.ipynb notebook, available on GitHub. Harness the power of Ready Signal to enhance your time series data analysis and drive actionable insights like never before.


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