Data Point Usage & Billing

Learn how data points are calculated and how billing works.

Monthly Data Points:

  • Each Ready Signal plan includes a certain amount of data points. Should you exceed the data points in the selected plan, charges are incurred for the incremental data point usage. We work to be very transparent on your point usage so you are not surprised by overages.

Data Point Usage Calculation:

  • Data Points are calculated based on the size of a signal/data set (rows x columns) and the frequency in which you request to process this data.
  • The number of data points in a signal is based on the geographic granularity, time granularity, time range, the number of features (datasets) and the data science treatments you include in a signal. For example a signal that is at a zip code granularity, daily granularity for a two-year period generates significantly more data than a signal that is at the State granularity, weekly granularity for a two-month period. As you build your signals, we provide an estimate of data points for that particular signal, so you can see the impact your choices are making on data point consumption.
  • Data points are consumed every time we process your data set; the frequency of which is your choice – on demand, daily, weekly or monthly.

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