Change your relationship with external data

Ready Signal analyzes your data to identify and recommend external factors like weather, economic, and demographic trends that impact your unique business every day.

Designed For Data Scientists and Analysts

400+ Data Sources

Use our platform to aggregate, normalize, and profile open source and premium control data. Spend less time finding and wrangling data, and more time building efficient and feature-rich machine learning data pipelines.

Data Science Treatments

Instantly apply industry-standard
data science treatments and transformations, including (but not limited to) Differencing, Lead/Lag, Box Cox. Easily manipulate data across different time and geographic grains.

Auto Discovery

Our Patent Pending iterative testing engine allows you to upload your target variable, and the platform will test for possible statistical relationships across all available data sources. Saving you time and removing analyst bias.

Data Ingestion

Easily integrate your Ready Signal data to the data science platform of your choice. Connect directly to Ready Signal through our API or using one of our pre-built data connectors or download directly in Excel or CSV format.

How It Works

Automatically Discover
Control Data

Instantly connect to the data you need to train your models, reducing error and improving accuracy. Upload your target variable data and our patent pending Auto Discovery tool will recommend the best features for you or explore our library of over 400+ data sources.

Create a
Data Signal

Enhance your data with our curated set of control features specific to your model needs, and organize and transform that data using our automated feature engineering tools. Normalize control features to the time and geographic grains you need, and dynamically apply data science treatments relevant to your modeling and analysis requirements.

Your Signal

Deliver your data instantly to the data science platform of your choice. We make the data ingestion process easy — connect directly to your signal using R, Python, Domo, or the API client of your choice. Or manually download your data to an Excel or CSV file.

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Take Into Account External Factors Impacting the Accuracy of Your Predictive Models

Data Continually Updated as New Information is Released and Delivered in Several Ways.
Ease of use and saving time!

As a data scientist, I am impressed with the ease of use the Ready Signal platform provides me. I am able to quickly integrate control data into my data science production pipelines within Domo to support a variety of data science use cases, saving me and my team valuable time.

Kristie Rowley

Principle Data Scientist

Improved Model Accuracy!

At Outsell, we are focused on helping car dealerships drive sales and service revenue by improving customer relationships through our Artificial Intelligence (AI) based customer lifecycle marketing platform. Ready Signal’s control data improves the accuracy of our models, and I never have to worry about the data being up to date, Ready Signal keeps everything current for us.

Matt Kristo

Sr. Manager, Analytic Services

More Robust and Scalable Forecasting Models!

Utilizing the economic, census, and COVID-19 data sets from Ready Signal in my machine learning applications has led to more robust forecasting models. Ready Signal allows me to focus on the important aspects of my projects without having to worry about spending countless hours working with multiple API’s and manually pre-processing data for each project.

Grant Miller

Data Scientist

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Get Started with a 14 Day Free Trial to Access Automated Feature Engineering